Repeat offenders

Repeat Offenders

The issue of rehabilitation of offenders and hardcore repeat offending is o0ne of the most difficult of all relating to prison and criminal justice reform. Is the issue still that offenders continue to repeat because they are institutionalized and unable to get a foothold back in society or is that the penalties for serious repeat offenders are too lenient, giving them a reason to continue their past conduct ?

Here is some intere4sting research from the Daily telegraph :-

  • Over 4,000 offenders with more than 15 previous offences only received a caution or reprimand in the last year.
  • In the last 10 years nearly 40,000 ┬árepeat offenders were not imprisoned for repeat offences and last year alone, nearly 30,000 offenders who have for committed at least 3 offences were only cautioned or reprimanded on reoffending
  • For clarity, the repeat offences in question fall into the category where they could have been dealt with by a Crown Court, so they are not minor offences