Civil claims by prisoners

Civil claims relating to prison

With the number of people in prison at a historical high, those of us who do not thankfully have experience of prison and prison life can easily forget that incidents, accidents, court claims and civil law claims do occur in prisons and that notwithstanding their wrongdoing, prisoners do still retain legal rights.

The Freedom Of Information Act regularly throws up some very interesting data and some newly released information in response to a request shows that civil claims relating to prison are common. In particular :-

  • The figure for overall civil claims payouts relating to prison was some £60 million over the last 4 years
  • Last year, approximately 700 prison staff received compensation totalling nearly £7 million for injuries and other civil claims. This was a reduction on previous years
  • 16,000 prisoners have made successful claims in the last 4 years
  • The overall payouts equate to around £40,000.00 per day

Do you think that prisoners should be able to make such claims ? If not, why not ?