Computer forensics

Computer forensics is a highly specialised and increasingly important area which can relate to many types of legal cases, ranging from an issue with an employee, perhaps theft or business fraud, whether an internal issue or where there is malicious hacking. theft not only incorporates direct financial theft but it is common in workplaces now for data to be stolen, since data is increasingly valuable, such as customer lists or other forms of confidential data.

In reality, a huge amount of the necessary evidence for any kind of case, whether a civil litigation issue or criminal litigation one, is found on a computer or other mobile device.

It is generally necessary to get an expert and accredited computer forensics expert involved at the earliest stage. As with any form of evidence, the way the evidence is obtained and handled from that point onwards is vitally important, as is the credibility and experience of the expert who does the work. You can easily imagine, in any form of legal matter,a  technicality being raised that will create reasonable doubt.

Computer forensics is used, as stated above, increasingly with employment law matters. has an employee been perhaps looking at inappropriate content online, are they spending a lot of work time on social networking sites and so on and so forth. In this case it’s very important to ensure that policies and procedures on privacy, intellectual property and contracts of employment are clear and are updated regularly.