Fraud comes in many forms, and seems to be an increasing scourge of society. In addition to the well publicised Ponzi type schemes such as the infamous Madoff case, there can be retail fraud, theft of either money or goods, false accounting type fraud, organised online fraud involving identity theft and such like. these are not new, but what is perhaps more worrying is that there seems to be a trend for the general public, in large numbers, to think that bending law and rules for financial gain is ok, if enough other people are also doing it.

A couple of examples as food for thought perhaps – take firstly self certification mortgages which were very popular in the last decade. In many case, people inflated their income information so as to get a bigger mortgage in a rising property market. estimates suggest that this occurred in tens of thousands of cases if not hundreds of thousands. another example, prevalent in the press at the moment, relates to personal injury related fraud, with exaggerated whiplash claims being made – the number of whiplash claims has gone up hugely whilst the number of accidents on our roads has not. Something not right there !

We will be posting on a number of separate types of fraud with specific information and advice on the legal position, fraud prevention and whats in the news in the very near future, so if you would like to contribute on this wide ranging, interesting and frankly worrying area, whether you are fraud solicitors or solicitors generally or have had a bad experience with fraud, please do get in touch.