Employment law advice

Employment law is one of those areas where the internet has made a massive difference – it’s such a huge and ever evolving area of law that until the internet came along, it really was almost exclusively in the preserve of solicitors.

Now we almost have the other extreme, like many things on the net, there is no shortage of information out there, from multiple sources, and these include :-

  • solicitors websites – here are a few we like – employment solicitors London, employment law
  • Official resources such as ACAS which is a fantastic website
  • HR resources – HRZone and Liquid HR are particularly good in our opinion

With employee related problems many employees seek no win no fee employment solicitors advice. there are quite a lot of firms who offer this, but it’s not the same as no win no fee for personal injury claims. With personal injury no win no fee the claimant’s lawyers will normally get their fees, on success, paid by the opponent, typically an insurance company. Many personal injury cases are quite predictable in outcome and this also means it’s win-win for solicitor and client. the lawyers will generally even subsidise costs like medical reports, court fees and other disbursements.

Employment law is completely different – tribunal cases can be very unpredictable and risky. Most importantly of all there is a no costs rule in the Tribunal and this means that both sides pay their own legal costs regardless of the outcome of the case, subject to exceptional circumstances. In turn this means that the client will have to pay legal fees out of  any awarded monies or settlement. Tribunal cases are time intensive and average awards are less than £10,000.00. The net result of this is that all too often, even on success, a client can end up with nothing if a case goes all the way to tribunal and they win. So it’s important to think carefully about getting advice and to accept that an early settlement of an employment law claim may well be the best result, even if the offer is well short of what you want and where you have been treated very poorly. Unfortunately, systems are systems so that’s life.