New crime figures

Below is raw data from the latest published crime figures from the British Crime Survey for 2010 :-

  • Overall crime down by 3%
  • crimes recorded by police fell 6%
  • sexual offence crimes up 3%
  • burglaries up 14% although domestic burglaries down by 7%
  • Household crime showed no change together with violent crime
  • Risk of being a victim remained static at 21.4%
  • The largest falls in crime were for criminal damage and damage to vehicles, down 17% and 12% respectively
  • Firearms offences fell 7% in 2010.
  • Knife crime fell by 4%  from some 30,500to 29,250
  • Aassaults causing grievous bodily harm or actual bodily harm fell by 11%, from 14,660 to 12,998.

As always, this is a very mixed bag set of figures, dealing with a very complex set of situations and variations from region to region. It remains to be seen what effect the likley reduction in police budgets will have on crime rates in the forseeable future. we will be keeping a close watching brief on this.