Party Wall Act

Party Wall Act claims are a complex area of the law and involve not only property law issues, but litigation and court issues sometimes. Not only this but surveyors are usually involved in party wall issues. Making a mistake with commencing work where there is a party wall without complying with the correct legal process can prove disastrous and very expensive and once you have a problem with a neighbour, this can be one of the worst legal disputes you can get involved in. Neighbour disputes tend to bring out the very worst in all of us, and problems can escalate to become completely out of any proportion to the issues in dispute, positions become ever more entrenched and before the protagonists know it, they have spent thousands on legal fees.

So, it’s best to obtain specialist legal advice from a Party wall expert and to try and follow the common sense adage also of treating your neighbour as you would like your neighbour to treat you. Factor in the necessary costs of paying your neighbour’s surveying and legal costs from the outset of any works in your property which may involve work to or close to a party wall and you won’t go too far wrong.