Prison numbers still increasing

Prison numbers still on the increase

The Daily telegraph has reported in the last 24 hours that prison numbers have reached a record of over 88,000. This leaves only just over 1,200 free places in prisons. There is  plan to build several new prisons over the next few years, but can we afford to go on like this as a country. Each prisoner costs the country tens of thousands per year to keep in jail.

Whilst the swelling prison numbers have been put down to the summer riots in London and whilst there is undoubtedly truth in this, is there a wider issue here ? Is society becoming less moral ? We believe there is certainly evidence for this, and particularly when it comes to financial crime, in a society where prospects for the young are deteriorating fast. Combined with a culture of rampant consumerism.

If you look at figures for things such as insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, theft, corruption and such like, it looks like there is a problem.

Never has “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” seemed a more difficult yet pressing issue.