Soundbites or substance ?

Soundbites or substance ?

Every month of every year, with almost every Government we can remember, there is a new plan about how to deal with criminal justice, penalizing criminal behavior and so … “tough  on crime, tough on the causes of crime” is the ever present mantra. What a load of nonsense.

We all know that keeping someone in prison costs an extraordinary amount of money, about £20k a year for each in inmate. This is a lot of money and it of course makes sense on a number of levels to get prisoners to work, to pay at least a modicum of the expense of keeping them in prison, to get some kind of payback for crime, and to provide skills which may reduce the possibility of  reoffending. All good, but saying it is one thing, implementing it is another. Call us cynical, but we’ve heard it all before.

So, does this sound familiar ? …..

  • inmates to working up to 40 hours a week
  • 50% of prisoners reoffend within a year of release

The above are the new proposals from the Justice Secretary – let’s see what the position is in the next year or two.